First bike as an adult


So I ended up putting a deposit on a bike yesterday and went with the Charge Plug 4 which is due early next week – cannot wait.

It has been reduced to £850 and I ordered a pair of off-road tyres by Continental bringing the total to £950. The Specialized tricross would not be available until early September hence why I chose Charge instead. I was assured that Plug 4 beats or at the very least matches the Specialized in terms of quality and ride.

Also on my cycling shopping list are a Garmin satnav, front and rear lights, bell, some reflective clothing.

Currently spending around £100-£150 a month on petrol (and god knows how much on repairs and insurance) so if I’m able to replace most of my travel with cycling I will start making savings soon.

Great Manchester Cycle 2014

Not much to brag about here sadly. Decided a week earlier to enter the race having not cycled in several years and my friend Teresa had a spare place which she kindly offered to me. Another friend, John, lent me his mountain bike over the weekend. The full course is 26 miles, or 2 laps (there was also a 52 mile and 13 mile race), starting from the Etihad Stadium, down Mancunian Way to Old Trafford, past MUFC and back round again.

My backside went numb pretty early on and I knew there was no way I’d complete the distance.  Saddle soreness is a pain in the ass. I completed 1 lap, or 13 miles and shuffled my sore ass back home feeling utterly defeated.

It did not deter me from cycling again however, in fact quite the contrary. I visited the North West Mountain Bike Centre in Cheadle today with the intention of ordering my very own custom cyclocross bike, they’re looking into parts and speccing it up for me. Hoping to ride my own two wheels very soon.

Here’s a pic of my not-very-deserved medal from Sunday’s race anyway