CBD Honeysticks

Whether you’re new to taking Cannabidoil (CBD) or not, you’ll no doubt have come across numerous headlines, scientific papers and articles on this hot topic in recent years. Although it’s been taken for decades for its benefits, continuous research backing up the potential health benefits of CBD means it’s a growing market aimed not just at people looking to ease symptoms of health issues but also anyone wanting the goodness of CBD to improve their overall well being.

I came across Natural Health Goods recently, a UK based company that sells a selection of quality hemp-derived CBD products at great prices and decided to try out their CBD Honeysticks which are available to purchase individually or in various bundles.

In the past I’ve taken CBD oil straight out of the bottle with the use of a dropper. Typically just a few drops under the tongue to allow it to be absorbed after a few seconds. While I love the taste of CBD oil, it isn’t for everyone – some would describe as earthy, peaty or grassy but taste is subjective, of course.

This is why CBD Honeysticks is a great way to introduce yourself to CBD supplements (if you’re new to it) or as an alternative and tasty way to take CBD!

Each 5 gram honey stick contains delicious organic raw wildflower honey with 12-14mg of CBD hemp extract. As Natural Health Goods uses whole plants in their products, the CBD is full spectrum meaning you get the full goodness of cannabinoids, terpenes and more from the plants.

I ought to mention that Natural Health Goods CBD oil is vegan-friendly, organic and 100% natural. They also offer free delivery on all their products with no minimum spend and for first-time orders, claim your 15% discount by using the code NHG15 at checkout.

I love these straight out of the tube, but you can try adding it to your favourite drinks to sweeten it up or even drizzle it over your ice cream or yogurt as a treat! I tend to take CBD in the evening, typically around bedtime as I find it relaxes me and sets me up for a good nights sleep.

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