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This is a nice (I think) overview of Jimmy Joy, why I love the brand and why I think you should try Jimmy Joy if you’re after nutritionally complete and tasty meals you can have on the go. You can get €10 off your first order (with free delivery) on their Starter Box and see for yourself what the fuss is about.

What is Jimmy Joy 🤷‍♀️

Jimmy Joy (originally Joylent) is a company in Amsterdam that produces meal replacement products similar to other brands like Huel, Queal and Soylent. The selling point of these shakes for me is the pure convenience of them. Why I choose Jimmy Joy over the others is for its flavour and smooth texture. In comparison, if you have ever tried lumpy Huel you’ll know what I mean 😐 so I won’t compare here – there are numerous reviews that go into great detail online.

Pre coronavirus, I led a busy and productive lifestyle so replacing breakfast and most of my lunches with Jimmy Joy shakes was a godsend as it saved so much time and hassle. Now during the lockdown, I’m still on it – mainly because I’m lazy 😂 – taking comfort in the knowledge that every meal is a straightforward 400 calories and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet. It leaves me full and satiated so I can spend more time trying not to feel bad about myself while we’re collectively going through a crazy pandemic 😏

The Jimmy Joy Range

They sell a range of plant-based (vegan yessir) shakes, bars and drinks (did I mention each meal is 400 calories??) and they’re genuinely the tastiest on the market. The macros are pretty much what you expect: Plenny shake gets you 20 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat, 45 grams of carbs, which is the more balanced of the range. In comparison, the Plenny bar has 39 grams of carbs and 16 grams of fat while the ready to drink Plenny Drink has 53 grams of carb and 12 grams of fat.

Personally I’ve tried the whole range except the chocolate flavour Plenny shake powder. No idea why (🤷‍♀️) however I absolutely love the other flavours in this exact order: Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Vanilla – flavours capitalised for extra love. If Jimmy Joy would like to send me a bag of chocolate flavour to try out and review, they are more than welcome to…

I should mention, the products above are not sports supplements but Jimmy Joy do offer an Active range of powders which has fewer carbs and higher protein if you’re that way inclined 💪

Things you can do with Jimmy Joy powder🍔

From healthy pancakes, to muffins, waffles, and brownies there’s so much you can do by simply replacing flour with Plenny powder. Like so much.

Check out some simple recipes on the Jimmy Joy blog and give it a go yourself. There are instructions for numerous cookies, bread and banana bread. Even a BURGER, guys! Next on my to-try list are the Dutch cookies pepernoot, and the eggless eggnog, yum.

You should love Jimmy Joy too

I’ve not been asked to review Jimmy Joy nor have I been paid to. I simply want to share my joy of er, Jimmy Joy with you. Their customer service is great and very responsive. If you’ve ever read any of their social media responses you’ll know that they don’t take themselves too seriously either.

The Plenny powders have 12 months shelf life so they last ages if you wanna take your time with them, and their subscriptions are super flexible, you can skip deliveries or simply cancel your subscription until you decide to start up again. It’s so easy.

If you’re undecided on what products to try, their Starter Box is the perfect introduction to Jimmy Joy. Along with a bag of Banana 🍌 and Strawberry 🍓 powder (enough for 10 meals), 8 Vanilla Plenny drinks (ready to drink for convenience), and 12 Caramel sea salt Plenny Bars, you get free stickers (they’re amazing), a funky t-shirt, a very green 50g scoop and one of their cool shakers. That’s 30 meals at just £1.90 each, but you can claim €10 off your first order here and it works out even cheaper.

Free t-shirt. How cute is this though?

P.s. I have no idea why I peppered this post with so many emojis. But I really enjoy adding them, so I think I’ll keep doing it 🤪 🤪 🤪 

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