Gratitude in the time of coronavirus

It’s 4 weeks since I said goodbye to the office and 2 weeks into my furlough yet this coronavirus lockdown is still as surreal as ever. I’m struggling to maintain a regular routine and a good level of productivity despite initially seeing this down time as a perfect opportunity to ‘get shit done’, read loads of books and learn new things.

While I’ve made a start on new projects, picked up my guitar (again), rounded up all my fitness gear (and added to the collection), I’m far from motivated. Everywhere across social media there’s posts telling us to make the most of this time, how ‘I don’t have the time’ is no longer an excuse holding us back from our passions – essentially guilt-tripping us into thinking we’re less than if we don’t fill our days with ‘doing’.

Then a friend posted a quote the other day, reminding us all that these are unprecedented and exceptional times – it is not a productivity contest. and it’s totally OK to simply BE. Whatever ‘being’ means for you.

Basically, if I want to spend a day sulking and eating ice cream, then I will sulk and nom away. If I want to switch off and binge-watch a TV series, then I will go ahead and binge (I watched the 4 part miniseries, Unorthodox on Netflix last night, btw. Highly recommend).

I decided to be kinder to myself and to practice gratitude as a gentle approach to self-compassion and discovered it’s a simple process without the need for over-complication. I say discovered because my therapist once suggested I do this but I always manage to make an excuse not to as if it’s a task of sisyphean magnitude. Anyway, some simple gratitudes of mine for the day:

  • my cat, Pancake
  • my ability to cook
  • tap water
  • internet access
  • music
  • Netflix

What are some of your simple gratitudes?

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